At CCC, transparency isn't just a principle — it's woven into the fabric of our brand.

We think holistically about social and environmental sustainability. Our social mission, in partnership with the Panzi Foundation,
goes hand in hand with our commitment to make durable and timeless apparel that is ethically made and locally sourced.
We focus on investing in our ecosystem by growing alongside the communities that are central to our identity.


We source most of our materials and fabrics locally within the Latin American Region (mainly Colombia and Peru). This measure substantially reduces transport distances which in turn reduces our carbon footprint.

Ethical Sourcing

Traceability of raw materials can be referenced in our supplier Appendix where we provide a library of technical spec sheets of our materials.

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Our clothing is manufactured ethically in Colombia. Most of our manufacturers are women-led businesses that are striving to employ a predominantly female workforce.

We selected Colombia due to its robust textile and manufacturing industry, its proximity with the United States and its history of overcoming systemic violence. We believe Colombia’s turnaround and economic recovery can serve as a blueprint for the DRC.

Fair Labor Practices

Suppliers must uphold principles of fair labor practices, guaranteeing workers fair wages, reasonable working hours, and safe working conditions.

We reserve the right to conduct or request third-party audits of facilities and operations to ensure compliance with the terms of the contract.


We prioritize eco-friendly packaging materials, including
recycled paper goods, recyclable boxes, compostable poly mailers, light-weighting and right-sizing packaging to minimize waste.