The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to some of the world’s most precious minerals. Its cobalt powers our car batteries and its coltan powers our cellphones. Control over these resources fuels antagonistic appetites, both locally and internationally. As a result, the country has been embroiled in conflict for nearly 25 years. This conflict has subjected women, men and children to innumerable atrocities, including horrific sexual violence.

Yet, they still rise with admirable courage and hope for a better tomorrow. Ensuring they can thrive and prosper is our raison d’être.We donate 10% to our partner, Panzi Foundation, to fund holistic healings programs focused on recovery and economic independence.

The United Nations recognized our innovative approach to social impact in a 2022 white paper.


Dr. Denis Mukwege (2018 Nobel Peace Prize) opened Panzi Foundation in Bukavu, DRC in 1999. To date, Panzi has treated more than 85,000 women.

Holistic Healing

Survivors often experience deep psychological trauma and are rejected by their communities due to the cultural stigmas surrounding sexual violence.

Dr. Mukwege developed the four-pillar “Panzi Model” of holistic healing, which combines medical treatment, psychological care, access to legal services, and socio-economic support through education and job skills training.

Learn more about the Panzi Foundation here.


Developed with support from MIT’s innovation ecosystem, our novel impact framework turns consumerism into a force for good.

By combining global awareness and the provision of economic opportunities, our C3 method has the potential to contribute to the reduction of violence against women and set them on a path to self-suficiency.

Communication: We make a lot of noise about violence in the DRC.

Capacity: 10% of your purchase funds job training for survivors.

Community: Our partnership with Panzi facilitates transparent impact.